Top 10 Tweeps of the Week

We've curated the hottest twitter profiles for the Week. Selected based on their sexiness, engagement, postings, or pure awesomeness. Contains straight, bi, gay tweeps. Check out their page and follow them! As always you can nominate at Tweep of the Week and send us an email!!!

Here is our Top Ten!
  1. @Jordano_Santoro  
  2. @JoshJakobsXL  
  3. @genericpun  
  4. @EthanLoweGay 
  5. @RealTylerHirst   
  6. @jacobvpeterson 
  7. @Rossdrakexxx  
  8. @samporterdj  
  9. @TiggerReddXXX 
  10. @RussMagnusXXX